Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.


Full commission statements and Commission Tracking

Automatic backorder of items not shipped
Data exchange with U.P.S. or FedEx
Credit card Authorizations
'Advice' as to which orders can ship
Forecasts of which items need reordering
Document and memo faxing and Email
E.D.I. Integration

‘On-the-water’ merchandise tracking
U.P.S. tracking #’s on invoices
Order taking with barcode scanning
Automated mass invoicing
Inventory tracking for multiple bins & warehouses

Warehouse management

Automated order picking

Customer relations management
Website integration
Production stage tracking

Photos on your quotes

Order fulfillment via barcodes

Automated check posting

Advanced shipping notices

Barcode label generation

‘Physical count’ via barcodes

Data transmission to/from 'factors'
Oak Street is a fully integrated package.  You get all you need to run your entire operation.  In addition, information is exchanged between all these modules whenever appropriate.  Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

The following are the functions that comprise the Oak Street package:
Ease of Use

We made ease of use high priority. We've designed the program with pull-down menus, pop-up boxes, and a system that pulls up data from it's memory with only partial entry of information from you. And everything you need is right on the screen.  There's no need to memorize keyboard commands...you just make selections from choices on the screen.

The Windows and Macintosh interface defined the standard for the easy way to get around on a computer.  Oak Street uses that interface which allows you to easily move around the screen.  You can use the keyboard or the mouse to enter or lookup data.  You can scroll up and down, backwards and forwards, or sideways to get wherever you want to go.  Unlike 99% of the `high end' accounting software programs on the market, you are never restricted to movement in one direction, and unable to correct your mistakes.

Instant Data Query

Go to any place in the system to see data...without having to exit the program you're using. Think of never having to exit from where you're currently working in order to look up information in another part of the system!  With the click of your mouse, or touch of a key, you'll have your information available for review. For example, you could be entering an order for one customer, and be simultaneously checking accounts receivables for a different customer.

Report Management: The Oak Street DataWriter

The DataWriter enables you to create custom reports to be used again and again...using the data from several different files at once.  It can also produce labels that pull the information directly out of your files...sorted in any sequence, and limited to just the information you want.  In addition, you can create custom letters that automatically pull-in the information contained in your files, at the appropriate point in the letter.  In addition, the DataWriter also gives you the ability to directly edit the report layout, and get it into the format you like. 


Even with all the research and experience we've obtained over the years, we still felt that we could not presume to cover every possible contingency or variable in today's rapidly changing business environment.  We refused to pretend to know every company's needs.  As a result we built in more flexibility than ever existed before in any accounting software.

Full Audit Trails
  • An audit trail monitors each menu item selected by each user 
  • An audit trail monitors all transactions that have been voided 
  • Edit records with automatic audit trail 
Password Security 
  • Accessibility to items on the menus may be controlled per user name 
  • Security levels may be applied per field to restrict it from being viewed 
  • Security levels may be applied per field to restrict it from being changed 
  • Security levels may be assigned to reports 
Secure Data

Transaction Resume updates data if your computer crashes during processing 
Automatic file header correction reduces the possibility of file corruption

System Requirements

Listed below are the system requirements for installing and running the program.
  • An IBM-compatible personal computer

  • 1 hard disk drive, at least 240 megabytes in capacity

  • 1 megabyte of RAM (4 megabytes recommended) for dos version. 16 megabyte of RAM (32 megabytes recommended) for windows version.

  • 1 IBM/Epson compatible dot matrix printer (for making multiple copies of forms).  Laser or ink-jet printers can be used with the program, but these non-impact printers cannot make `multi-layer' copies.

When first installed, the program will take up about 60 megabyte of space (dos version) on your hard disk drive. Each of the datafiles containing your customers, inventory items, sales orders and accounts receivable transactions, will hold 1 billion items. So, you are essentially limited only by the capacity of your hard disk drive.

Support & Training

Support is a key component of the Oak Street program.  A thorough, illustrated manual is included with the software.  A variety of programs including phone support, modem support, on-site training and installation, as well as phone training are an integral part of the customer support package.

Where to get more Information

Because the functionality of Oak Street is so flexible and can vary from company to company, we do not have a demo CD.  Instead what we offer is a live, no obligation, demonstration that will clearly show you how Oak Street will adapt to your business.  To learn more about our live demonstrations click here.

Oak Street Library

The Oak Street Library is a collection of documents that provides detailed information on specific topics regarding Oak Street. To download any of these documents "right click" the document and choose the "Save Target As..." option



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