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In an effort to help its members more effectively manage credit risk, M.C.C. has partnered with the leader in wholesaler accounting software, Industrious Software Solutions (I.S.S.), to bring an automated solution to credit management. 

M.C.C. will now give its member the option of receiving their credit information in an electronic format that seamlessly integrates with our powerful wholesale accounting program, "Oak Street®".  With Oak Street®, your staff will automatically be alerted to any accounts that are on the M.C.C. list during Order Entry - before the order is taken.  Think about how much time and money you would save by not having to look through the M.C.C. book, or mistakenly sending out shipments to credit risk accounts.


The database of names is supplied monthly by the Manufacturers Credit Cooperative (M.C.C.).  Each month the M.C.C. requires that its 700 members supply the names of any accounts which have fallen into one, or more, of the following "poor risk" categories: having delinquent payments greater than 90 days; requiring collection of funds by an agency; having N.S.F. checks; refusing C.O.D.s; being bankrupt/closed.  As you can see on the screen below, the database will show you, by category, the number of wholesalers who have reported a problem with the poor risk retailer.

Better Than Dunn & Bradstreet OR TRW

Dunn & Bradstreet and TRW typically only obtain information about credit risks from the larger companies.  Being aware of this weakness, many "shaky" or unscrupulous retailers will only pay the bills of the larger companies...thus avoiding credit reporting problems. But with M.C.C., even the smallest gift and craft wholesaler reports problems...so, no retailer escapes scrutiny. In fact, to remain a member of the cooperative, M.C.C. members MUST report retailers who are poor credit risks.

In addition, the M.C.C. is specific to your industry, so coverage of craft and gift retailers is more thorough.  And the cost is one-tenth the price of D&B or TRW.

For more information about M.C.C. please visit their website at

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